January 22, 1944

Nashville Army Air Center


Thompson Lane, Nashville, Tenn.

Hello Dad and Mom,

I received your letter this morning with the $5.00 in it. I say it came at a good time.

I certainly was sorry to hear about Charles Ray. Do all you can for him, Dad.

Dad that sure was a newsy letter you wrote. Try it again some time. I wish I had a lot to tell you.

Mom, I guess you remember me complaining about my back while I was home? Well, I went to the hospital about it. And I guess I saw about every Doctor up there. After going up there about three days straight, they finally decided I had a strained back. That was on last Monday so every day I have been going up there for a heat and massage treatment. It doesn’t seem to be doing any good, though. Fact is it seems to get worse.

I guess you both remember how I used to always flop into a chair or something every chance I go. Well, that is what they are treating as a strained back. I guess they will find out some time it is not a strained back. At the time I started taking these treatments, they restricted me so I haven’t been going to town.

Well, it looks like I have told all I know. So, I will have to close.

So Long,


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