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The class outreach leader’s primary task is to lead the class to reach out to lost and unchurched persons in their community. Each Sunday School class is responsible for reaching all prospects within that specified age range.

The outreach leader will be a born-again believer in Jesus Christ, and an active member of Vision Baptist Church. The outreach leader should be regular in attendance and willing to be submissive to the leadership of his teacher, department director, and church staff.

The specific responsibilities of the outreach leader are as follows:


  1. Outreach. The outreach leader should keep outreach (lovingly reaching out to the lost and unchurched persons with the gospel message) constantly before the class. It is the outreach leader’s job to encourage the class members to become actively involved in outreach. The outreach leader will do this through personal example (participating in visitation), verbal invitation, and constant encouragement.
  2. On Sundays, the outreach leader should assign prospects to the members, to the members can visit, call or write the prospects during the week. The outreach leader will also encourage class members to report their contacts each Sunday. A contact is any time an individual (member of prospect) is invited to Sunday School. 

  3. Organize. The outreach leader will help the teacher organize the class into groups for ministry and encouragement. The entire adult class shall be organized into groups of 4-7 members, and each group shall be under the care of a group leader. The group leader, then, is the primary minister to those 4-7 members. As new members join the class, the outreach leader will immediately assign them to a group. As the class grows, the teacher and outreach leader may need to enlist additional group leaders, and reorganize the groups.
  4. Minister. The outreach leader fulfills the function of a group leader in relation to the group leaders. As such, the outreach leader will minister to the needs of the group leaders. Also, he will be available to minister to other class members when called upon to do so.
  5. Administer. The outreach leader serves as the teacher’s assistant in the functioning of the class. As such, he will be available to help the teacher in any way the teacher may require. The outreach leader also oversees the work of the group leaders, making sure that they do their jobs effectively.
  6. Call. The outreach leader is to call each group leader on Saturday, to make sure the group leaders have contacted their group members. The outreach leader should then call the teacher to report on contacts made to class members, ministry needs, and anticipated attendance for Sunday
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