Dr. Thurman Wade was a great blessing to me. I met Brother Wade back in the early 1980’s. He came to my church and presented Faith Promise missions. He got me to have my first mission’s conference. He helped me. I got our church much more on board with supporting missionaries. We supported Dr. Wade. I actually only gave him twenty minutes to present his ministry and Macedonia World Baptist Missions the first time. I had no idea that I would later be under his ministry for twenty years.

In 1984, I think, I attend the Macedonia Annual conference at Meadow Baptist Church. There it was Brother Wade who helped me lead my wife who started out very reluctantly to be a missionary. He was so kind to me. He prayed with us. He told me how to lead my wife in all the ministry we had.

By 1985 I would know that God wanted me to be a missionary. I contacted Macedonia. We were accepted as missionaries and then given a mini-orientation in October of 1985. Again Brother Wade was a great blessing to me.

In June of 1989 Dr. Wade, Pastor Wayne Cofield, and Pastor Paul Forsyth came to visit us. We organized our first church of many there.

I want you all to know that I loved and respected Dr. Thurman Wade. I mourn his loss and thank God for his welcome in heaven.

For me, Thurman Wade built Macedonia. I was there when we were a much smaller board. I was there as God built the board under his ministry. I never knew Thurman Wade to be anything but a man of character and vision.

He was much used of God. There are literally millions of souls that will go to heaven because of his ministry and influence.

I will miss Brother Wade but look forward to seeing him soon in heaven.

God bless Mrs. Wade and all the Wade family. God bless Macedonia and that great ministry.

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