You must, must, must be involved in discipleship. The problem is the world is growing exponentially so the answer must be exponential as well. India grows by the size of Montana every two weeks! You can only be located in one place at a time. Through discipleship, you can multiply yourself and help send/export people to places you have only dreamed of ministering in! Discipleship is also a great common denominator. Many times missionaries come home on furlough and feel a real disconnect with the people in the church, not only because we have been in a vastly different environment for four years, but also because we have been doing different work! When a missionary talks about investing in a convert only to later watch him walk away from Christ, we should know how it feels. When a missionary talks about the joy of seeing someone growing in the Lord, we should smile because we have experienced that happiness as well. When a missionary talks about how someone they led to faith in Christ is now leading their church in their absence, you should be able to introduce them to the person who will be taking over your ministry when you take your eternal furlough!
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