IV. Biblical basis for the strategy that we have
∑ Ephesians 4:11-16
∑ II Timothy 2:2
∑ Matthew 28:19-20
∑ Acts 19:9-10

V. Begin praying for a man to take the work from day one.

VI. Count down the days you have left
a. Win souls
b. Train all you get as far and deep as you can
c. Watch for those who want to know and go further

VII. Be sure you can cast your vision
a. You must know when you arrive what you want to have at the end of this term
b. Attendance or number of souls saved is not the goal
c. The goal is to find and train those who will carry on the ministry
d. Follow the example of Jesus, he went about his ministry but looked for men to be with him and learn from him, to catch his vision, he tested those men

VIII. Refrain from ministries that produce numbers but not leaders.
a. Sunday School, children’s ministries, showing films, etc.
b. Numbers are not the goal but the result of an effective ministry.
c. Do not do radio, TV, Children’s ministries, children’s homes, etc.

IX. Get the right goal—training leaders
a. Get the right attitude, they must be trained, there is no good material to start with
b. This type of training will require that you spend a great deal of time with them.
c. You will have to teach character, how to live and be

X. Every ministry you do should only be done as a training ground for your men

XI. Learn to make others a success

XII. Think of yourself as the coach and not a player
a. Recruit the team
b. Train and equip the team
c. Let them play
d. Look for young men 15 to 25 years of age primarily so that you can train them.
e. Remember you can never do it alone
f. Jesus trained men
g. Paul trained men
h. Moses divided his work
i. God made folks with differing abilities

XIII. Pyramid of ministries
a. Priority is to be a leader trainer
b. Public is Church planter
c. Personal is to be a soul winner
d. Private is Devotions, personal separation family etc

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