The Wall Street Journal reported this morning that the death toll in Chile has risen to 11.

Jason Holt yesterday reported that the military was outside the large grocery store chains and would only allow 50 to 60 people to enter at a time.

The Minister of the Interior Andres Chadwick reports over 110 supermarkets looted and dozens more have been set on fire.

Pray for Latin America. Venezuela is suffering horribly from the socialist agenda. Argentina is in the middle of a financial crisis. Bolivia is voting to decide how they will be governed. Will they go the route of Venezuela?

The Peruvian President has dissolved the congress. As a country Peru will be voting to decide how left leaning and socialist they will become.

All these countries are in desperate need of the gospel. The more crises they deal with it seems to help prepare hearts to be tender towards the gospel. Will you pray? Will you give to help us get the gospel to these and all areas of the world? Will you consider going?

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