shillingThe teenage William Carey, an Anglican, first heard the gospel through fellow-cobbler John Warr. Many and long were the conversations they had on spiritual things, and Carey put up strong opposition to the truth at first. Warr however was, in Carey’s words, importunate with me, lending me books, which gradually wrought a change in my thinking.’ He began to attend Independent meetings and increasingly came under the conviction of sin. It was his first attempt to pass off a counterfeit shilling that became the catalyst for his eventual conversion aged seventeen. My prayer today it that the teenagers I strive to lead who have never recognized their “lostness” will do so today. They may do something that they do on a weekly basis such as cheat on their homework or maybe something new and wrong they are getting into. Whatever, it may be I pray that the God of heaven will convict them of their sin and see their need of a Redeemer.Personal Application:I must continue to preach on sin. From the Word of God I need to clearly show that their is a line between right and wrong and God drew it. 

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