I met Jaime Rafael Benitez years ago in Colombia. He loves God. He has paid a price to serve God. He left Colombia and went to Peru to study at the Bible College. He moved his entire family down. He has been there for several years now. He has completed his studies. He is ready to go back to Colombia.

Colombia is a very needy country. I will give you in Jaime’s own words the reason he is wanting to plant churches tomorrow, but today I just wanted to ask you if you would be willing to help him!

He will need monthly support. He is a proven church planter. I would be glad to talk to you and explain his ministry if you need.

He asked me to see if I could find some people who would help him for about 2 years. He will need about $1200 a month minimum.

You will not go wrong supporting this man. Would you pray about it? Would you contact me with any questions you have at 770-500-8021 or gardner @bcwe.org?

Jaime and family would be a welcome addition to your mission’s family.

You can contact him personally via the following options:

Jaime, Margelis, Ray Andrés y Sara Sofía Benítez Betín.
E-mail. incacaribe@hotmail.com
Skype. Jaime.benitez2

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