Psalm 119:136 Rivers of waters run down mine eyes, Because they keep not thy law.

I am afraid this isn’t true about the majority of us today and I know that it isn’t true about me. We get aggravated, angry, argumentative about the fact that people do not keep His law but I question how much we cry over it!

There is not doubt that we are disturbed, perturbed, and indignant but do we really cry? Do we cry out to God about all the sin in the world? I think that I get angry and wish to fight and fuss about it but I don’t think I spend much time in prayer crying to God about it.

It makes for good preaching, I think, but poor praying.

It makes for feeling superior, I think, but little praying.

It makes for interesting conversation as we talk about how wicked this world is and how soon Jesus must be coming back but, I think, very little, poor praying.

I am convicted that I need to quit being such a judge and more of an intercessor.

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