Earlier this week I had “make new connection card” on my to do list. I wanted to have something professional printed so we would always have them on hand. I wanted it to be thorough but not take so long to fill our guests feel overwhelmed and did not attempt it. I also wanted to include a section for “church use” that would allow us to mark on the card where the person was on the follow up process. The connection card is the first step for us as we start to assimilate a new visitor into our church family. They will be sent an email, a visits will be made, invited to a luncheon, and eventually an invitation into one on one discipleship if they are interested.

As I started on the project I decided to look around see what others have done. After seeing a card from Decatur Baptist Church I decided that would be a good size and look. I emailed them and ask them first if they would mind if I “swipe” their design and second if they did not mind if they would share a copy of it with me. They were so ready and eager to help. I received the design file (Indesign) that morning. This saved me a good bit of work. I am grateful for their Kingdom mindedness.

So it is my turn to pay it forward. If your church is looking for a new connection card (visitor card) and you like the design in the picture above let me know. Next Tuesday I am going to take an hour or two and redesign this card for 5 churches.

I will need a few pieces of information from you if you are interested.

  1. Church name and logo. I will take the color scheme from the logo unless told to do differently.
  2. What information you would like them to be able to request more info about. As seen on the right side of the front of the card.
  3. Is there different information you would like from them.
  4. What information you would like for the “church office use” section or if you do not want that included.

After I get the information and redesign the card then this will happen.

  1. I will email you the pdf files for you to approve.
  2. I will make any changes you would like and resubmit it if needed.
  3. You can take the pdf and order them at a website like www.gotprint.com (I changed the size of the card to 6 x 6 so that it would be a non custom size at GotPrint.) It will cost you about $100 for 2500.

Pioneer Sender Challenge: Every visitor that comes through the door of our churches is a gift from God. We should be good stewards of the people God’s sends to us to influence. Getting their information is a big part of that. You may have the chance to lead them to the Lord some day and might even have the chance to see them sent off to the mission field.


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