Christmas is one of the most special times of the year for most American families. One of the hardest times to be a missionary on the foreign field can be Christmas time. They miss their families. They feel very alone. They miss all of the traditions.

Maybe it was always cold in the States when they had Christmas before and now it is hot. Maybe there are little to no toys that they can find to buy for their children for Christmas. Maybe there are no Christmas carols playing any where and it just doesn’t feel like Christmas.

Sometimes they might now want to play the carols because it just reminds them of how much they miss “home!”

Could I ask you to pray for your missionaries. Maybe send them a note. Tell them you love them and have not forgotten them. Could you pray a little extra grace from God over them?

Then pray for boldness. Some of our missionaries are facing hard times in closed countries. It is against the law to be a missionary or preacher or even a Christian. You can only imagine how much worse that makes the situation.

People get the Christmas blues even in the States. They say this is time for many to be depressed. So think about your missionary. Pray for them. Pray that God will touch them.

Pray that God will give them grace to do the job they were called to do. Pray that they will be bold in the face of persecution.

Merry Christmas to all of my missionary friends around the world. I sincerely do love you and pray for you often.

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