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I wonder if we who live in the comfort of the USA have any idea how much so many suffer for their faith in Christ. Read the article to learn more!

The number is shocking.

Massimo Introvigne, a human rights representative for the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, has told an OSCE meeting in Bodollo, Hungary, that 105,000 people are killed every year because of their Christian faith.

Introvigne recently declared to the crowd gathered in the Budapest suburb that the statistics mean that an average of one Christian is killed every five minutes.

That the numbers, whatever they are, are significant seems not to be a subject of disagreement. An organization called Defenders of the Catholic Faith says the situation is deteriorating: “More martyrs for Jesus Christ died in the 20th century than in all previous 19 centuries combined. This century will most likely prove to be more repressive and bloody. The world is more anti-Christian than ever since the first centuries in Rome.”

“So far, the main persecution of Christians is in Muslim countries. The primary number of Christians persecuted and killed are those living in Islamic countries,” Racho said.

“There are also a significant number of persecuted Christians living in communist countries like China, North Korea, and Eritrea. In all of these countries persecution is widespread,” Racho declared.

“There are other countries like India, for instance, where persecution is rampant. This is because of Hindus who believe that India belongs to the Hindus,” he said.

“So persecution is going on because of Islamic radical teachings and practices, because of communist ideologies and because of other radical ideologies like the Hindu radical ideas,” Racho summarized.

Hickman added that the absence of persecution news in the media doesn’t mean that anti-Christian violence isn’t happening.

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