The following comes from Mark Tolson’s blog. You should sign up to keep up with all that is going on over there. He always writes very insightful, faith challenging articles. He is a committed man and God is using him greatly!

✪ We are in Harbin. We decided to come up hoping our presence would be an encouragement to the churches and show our support for them during this time. Also, we wanted to say goodbye to our friends who are being forced to leave the country.

✪ We considered coming and not coming but realized any decision not to come was only based on fear. When you look at the facts and what has happened in the past, there is no more danger for us to come to Harbin now and take part in the churches than there would be to go to church at another time.

✪ The apparent danger and what is happening if often over-played in the States because people let their imaginations, racism, and preconceived notions fill their minds with fearful thoughts. They ponder, think, and imagine things that don’t exist. That is one of the reasons it is hard for people in the States to understand the situation. Their minds run wild with ideas about how things are here when it is actually far from the truth.

✪ The churches haven’t missed a beat. The have continued to have services since the police came. On Monday night the churches has a combined service. It was a great service and encouraging to me to see them pressing on!

✪ We collected letters for the churches from many of you who have been following the situation. Over a 100 letters came in over a few days and we translated them and put them together as a book and presented them to the churches at the combined service.

✪ After talking to the guys here and thinking through the situation, I think there is a good chance they will be able to get back into the country. It would be exciting if the Lord was using this to cause them to move cities and not countries. We will know more over the next two months or so.

✪ Both of my teammates will be returning to the States as they figure out their next step. Both of them will be visiting churches to try to raise new support they need. If you don’t already support them and would like to have them in contact me and I will put you in contact with them.

✪ Pray for them are returning to the USA this week and the others are going to Taiwan to survey the land as a possible new mission field.

✪ Also, Project China and VBM have two missionaries on deputation headed towards mainland China. If you are looking to support a new missionary to China consider one of these guys and help expedite them to China. Contact me and I will give you more information.

✪ Many people have asked about our situation and how this affects us. Even though the police asked about us and know about us, we don’t expect any retaliation from this situation specifically. We will keep doing what we always have been doing. Though it is likely that one day we will run into the same problems, because we will be bold with the gospel as the bible commands. We will try to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

John Walz also wrote the following about their Providential Furlough. John is a great writer and you will enjoy very much reading what he writes!

After an emotional week of services and powerful message by Jake Taube in Monday nights special service, we bought tickets to fly back to America where will regroup and try to renter China on a new passport.

Originally we had plans next year to visit churches looking for new support for our own independent church planting ministry in China. But it looks like we are advancing those plans. We will at least spend a month in the States and possibly longer depending on the circumstances.

So if your church would be interested in having us on such a short notice, please contact me by email. We would love to spend time to get to know you and share our heart to serve the Lord Jesus in China. Regardless if we are able to regain entry into China (though gut is telling me we will), we will move on to set up a church planting ministry where Chinese people and language is the majority, a Taiwan being first on the list.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, love, and support. We “get” to!

I hope you will contact the guys and book them to present the ministry in your church. They will be a great blessing. It is time now to replace these men in China and get them on to their next place of service.

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