Ministry & Missions Philosophy

Lessons from the crisis in Chile

Jason Kenney has written an excellent article. We all need to learn these lessons.

  1. Our leaders and authorities need prayer. In fact, it is one of those specific prayer request given in Scripture (1 Timothy 1:2-3), but often we protest them instead of pray for them. The situation is delicate and they want to be sensitive to the plight of the people, but they must also maintain order. 
  2. Parents need to teach their children to respect authorities. The first protest I saw on the news started as mobs of students evading the turnstiles at the metro. Sadly many parents approved and encouraged this behavior. When we undermine authority, it isn’t a slippery slope situation; it is a head-first dive off a cliff. If you can steal a dollar from the metro, why can’t you loot a grocery store?
  3. Discontentment is a dangerous manifestation of our sinfulness. These protest that supposedly started over cost of living became an excuse for many to steal from their neighbors and destroy property that isn’t theirs without regard as to the loss it was causing others. As believers we must beware that when we become discontent with what we have, a door opens up that begins to justify all kinds of sinful actions. 
  4. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the real remedy, because the Gospel changes hearts, gives peace, joy and purpose. For the past several evenings we were in missions conferences with believers. As the city around us clamored for their “fair share” Christians lifted up grateful voices in praise and committed to giving away offerings in order to send forth missionaries so that others may hear the same Gospel that changed our hearts. 
  5. As believers we must remember we belong to a greater kingdom. I recognize the balance between living in the earthly realm while at the same time “our citizenship is in heaven” (Philipians 3:20) is a delicate balance. However we don’t ever want to speak or act in a way that would shame the One Whom we represent.