Here are somethings to just get you interested in the message for tomorrow:

The Biblical Role of Man and Woman in Marriage

Ephesians 5:22-33

Is there more than just a physiological difference between men and women?

Does God have a different plan for men than He does for women?

Does society today deal with any challenges simply because we are too politically correct to take what the Bible says about the roles of men and women?

Do some men abuse women and have chauvinist attitudes because they have a faulty view of what the Bible says?

Do some women rebel against men in general and God in particular because of a misunderstanding of what God says about the differing roles of men and women?

It is time to quit being embarrassed about who God made you! He has a special plan for your life

Political correctness is not our guide but the Bible is, the Bible is our only rule of faith and practice

Men and women were created equal but different with different roles to fulfill

The current world thought would diminish the importance of sexual differences to the point that children become a nuisance

Since a woman’s career can be so important an abortion would not be out of question to many

Family becomes less important if we do not understand our roles

The abuse of our God given roles has cause gender confusion and gender anger

As a woman do you rebel and think that no one should have authority over you any mofe than a man

Are you willing to fulfill the role that God has for you in your life?

Is there a real good reason to have a family and raise children except for our personal pleasure

Do you consider children a hindrance to your pleasure and ability to have more money and things

Do you desire to honor God and glorify Him with who He made you and what He gave you?

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