To be honest (which is a good thing to do as a believer) I typically have not enjoyed the books I have read on the subject of music. It is not that I did not agree but that the books were written by “music people” to “music people” so that it typically became irrelevant to me. Do not take me wrong I love music. However, I am more concerned about the consistency of my teenagers Bible reading then “syncopated rhythms”.

I understand how outside influences, such as music, effect their spiritual life. I am glad to see someone cut to the chase in common terms.In this book you will hear things such as “if there is music that makes you tap your foot then there must be music that makes you want to throw your fists” and “music always leads to a lifestyle” (paraphrased). I believe these are excellent points and very practical for me as someone who did not major or minor in music in college. Here is the description of the book from Strivingtogether“In this thought-provoking book, you will discover a biblical and encouraging perspective on the power of music and how to use it effectively in your life. You will be challenged to consider music as more than entertainment and to make wise choices that will facilitate greater spiritual growth.” I whole heartedly agree. I found the book thought provoking. The author left room for the Holy Spirit to work by not making applications that could not be supported by the Bible. The sensitive Christian would be convicted by the Biblical principles without being turned off my jargon about musical preferences. This is the type of book that is a great help to youth pastors looking to lead their teenagers with Biblical principles and not just bias preferences.

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