Jerry Falwell was one of the larger-than-life people who seemed to dominate the U.S. in the 1980s. Many loved him, and some hated him with a vitriol that surpassed reason. In this biography of Jerry Falwell, his loving wife tells the tale of his life from his birth, through his youth to his conversion, through the many controversies of the 1980s and 90s, and through his death in his office.

I must admit I knew very little about Jerry Falwell. From this book I believe that he was a man who had a deep love for Jesus and a passion to tell others about Him. As I expected, there were chooses he made that I would not have mad. However, there were calculated risks he took that I may not take that I should.

Since the book was written by his wife, Macel, there were many stories that showed his role as a husband and father. These were the parts that most interested me. He would leave important meetings to rush home to be with his wife, Macel during storms because she was terrified. He would cancel meetings with the President at the White House to spend a birthday with one of his children. He was totally committed to them and thus, you see his legacy being played out as his sons have stepped in to lead Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church in his passing.

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