Yesterday I read through Max Lucado’s book entitled “For These Tough Times: Reaching Toward Heaven for Hope and Healing”. The title is nearly as long as the book. However, Max Lucado is a wonderful word smith and gave deliver a big message with few words. Of course it was written before the economic crisis loomed but it has some very good thoughts that can be both comforting and reassuring during all that is going on in our country. This is a wonderful book for many in our congregation who have had the bottom fall out of their professional careers.

One of my favorite lines in this book really shows the heart of the book. “Nature is God’s workshop. The sky is his resume. The universe his calling card.”  A proper view of our God makes all current problems pale in comparison. Mr. Lucado makes one point  very clear: God is unaltered by our storms.

David prays a question in the Psalms “When all that is good falls apart, What can good people do?. These book expounds on that question. However, it is balanced with the wonderful answer found in the same verse “The LORD is in his holy temple; The LORD sits on his throne in heaven.” I would recommend this book.

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