I just got home from spending a great time with a couple of guys who are new to our youth ministry. We had some good conversations. It blows my mind how a kid can enjoy the ministry we provide, show interest in the Bible, but still not want his or her siblings to come to church with them. I spent the evening with a few guys knocking out a room to expand our youth area! Everything went good until we were about to pack up and call it a day and one of the volunteers busted out a window in the room. Today has been bitter/sweet. Sweet: One of the guys said tonight, ” I love the youth ministry. It has been helping me want to be more like the Christian I should be. It is tough to be who I know I should be a school, but what we have been learning has helped.” Bitter: “Yeah, I love the youth ministry so much that I have been talking to family about it. My little brother who is 16 and wants nothing to do with church says that he wants to check it out… BUT.. I told him I wanted this to be my thing and he should go somewhere else.”It kills me. I am not that cool, we do not have incredible activities or facilities, but somehow I have many kids who come for other reasons then a love for Jesus. I know it is the nature of the beast called youth ministry/ and church I might add. Teenagers are so desiring to be accepted that they will hang out and listen to whatever to be in a place where they feel like they belong.I am experiencing alot of bitter sweet things here lately.Tonight we expanded our youth room to hold about 40% more teenagers.. that is SWEET. In the process one of our faithful, talented volunteers accidentally shattered a window in our room. No big deal huh.. well the window was 10 ft tall by 4 ft wide.. starting to taste BITTER huh.Application for Trent to learn today. Stay focused on people and not what seems to be the problem.As with the teenager who doesn’t want his brother to come. I want the brother to come. However, more than that I want the teen I am working with to want his brother there. That is what I will focus on.The window problem really stinks with the extremely tight budget we have. However, a window can and will be replaced. If I would have made the volunteer think I did not believe in him or that a window was more important to me then him then I would have lost something that could not be easily replaced. 

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  • Posted November 21, 2008 10:34 pm
    by Austin Gardner

    I think you sum it up well. No man ever counted himself more blessed for such a team mate. God bless you

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