1. Think of yourself as the means of making another man successful. You are not successful until you have a successor
  2. Your goal is to be John the Baptist and point to another and then diminish as he increases
  3. Building a team doesn’t mean getting a bunch of followers but rather developing a bunch of leaders that will some day soon not need you
  4. Remember our success is not about us and our looking good or reaching our goals but their looking good and reaching God’s goals for them
  5. Remember it is more caught than taught. If you do not have it then they cannot catch it
  6. We can’t build a team because we have fallen into the trap of doing ministry rather than training others
  7. We develop parasites instead of leaders because we like to feel needed and important
    1. They haven’t learned to think
    2. They can’t make decisions for themselves
  8. We love our people but do not take them to maturity. We can love but we can’t lead
  9. Remember to have double vision Judges 6:13-18
  10. Remember to take them forward at the speed that they can go Genesis 33:13-14
  11. Love them like they were your very children 
I Timothy 1:2, II Timothy 1:2, Titus 1:4
  12. Remember your priorities are Workers, People, Buildings
  13. Numbers are the result of our work and never our goal
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