Today’s reading Psalm 79-83

Psalm 81:12 So I gave them up unto their own hearts’ lust: And they walked in their own counsels.

God’s people can persist in wanting what they want until he gives them their desire and allows them to do what they think is best. That is one scary thought. How do you read that verse? Go read the chapter.

Realize that if we persist in the idea that if God wants something in our lives He will open or close the doors that we might just be using the logic that caused God to do this with the nation of Israel.

I am afraid that we rarely go to Him and say, tell me what you want me to do. I will not have a will in this. I will simply trust you and obey what ever you want.

Do you realize the horror of God allowing you to do what you want and then reap the consequences of what you want?

I think this is what happens in our lives on a regular basis. We do not consider what pleases God but what pleases us. We pray and ask God to give us our desires. We put on a real spiritual front. God allows us to do what we push to do but He then allows us to suffer the consequences of our foolishness.

Could today’s verse be a call to stop living according to your will and truly begin to seek His will for your life?

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