Our Generation Summit | December 30th – Jan 1st

For the Sake of His Name will be the theme for all the Our Generation Events in our 2011 season. This is a theme that is very dear to the hearts of all us on the Our Generation Team. We believe as you hear stories from the past and present about young men and young ladies going “for the sake of His Name” you will be motivated to help those going in the future go for the same purpose. You can learn more about the story that inspired this theme by reading about the lives of John Leonard Dober and David Nitschman.

The Our Generation Summit is an annual gathering in Pigeon Forge, TN, of Christians with a heart for world missions. Pastors and missionaries, teachers and students, businessmen and families join for three days to address the needs of a world waiting for the Gospel.

Located once again at the beautiful Music Road Hotel in the center of action-packed Pigeon Forge, the OG Summit provides a fantastic venue for any church or youth group seeking an easy-to-organize winter retreat filled with excitement and passion for Christ. (Learn more)

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