In the spring of this year I had the opportunity to travel to Peru and Chile. Today I stumbled upon some lessons that I wrote as axioms while in Peru. This blog is primarily for the person it is named after.. Trent Cornwell. I post for my personal growth and if it helps us that is a bonus. Below you will find some clips of my notes I took on my last trip out of the country. On the way there I read a book of axioms – which explains, I guess, why I tried to think in axioms while I was there.

During my  time in South America I was able to see two wonderful ministries at different stages in the game. Jason Holt is coming out of the green house stage of the ministry. For the last six years or so he has been investing heavily in a handful of me and they are now coming to a point where they are going to be sent out to start new churches in Santiago. During that time they replaced themselves with a new generation of students. The ministry in Arequipa, Peru is at a exciting but difficult place in the movement stage. Churches are being planted and may processes are in place to see church leaders trained. Now the team in Arequipa is helping these churches learn how to bring in the lost and assimilate them into the life of the church.

That was a much lengthier introduction than needed or planned. I am such a huge fan of both ministries I wanted you to know of them. Also, I wanted to give you an idea of the wonderful experiences I had as I was privileged to teach in their Trainer Centers.

Here are some notes I took:

“You will never really know how many people are against you unless you fail”

I thought about this as I sat and watched Omega Soccer Team (amateur community soccer team sponspored by Omega Baptist Church) play in the final of a fairly large city tournament. For the majority of the game I assumed everyone was cheering for Omega. When one of the Omega player missed a goal the crowd went wild. I was astonished to know I was cheering for the underdog.

This is a sobering thought. I do not want to create paranoia but by God’s grace I hope to never find out how many people are waiting for me to fail.

“To find your calling in your life you should be involved and serve in many various forms and ministries. However, you will never find what you desire to do and what you are gifted for unless you strive to do it with excellence.”

The students in Peru and Chile seemed to waste less time than the average American college student contemplating the will of God. As it the book “Just Do Something” explains it may have much to do with the fact Americans have more options than needed. The students there knew who they were because they got real life practice. They were involved in real ministry much less was theoretical as it is to the average American college student. Jeremy Hall a dear friend of mine who got “on mission” later in life exemplified this. He was trying to get his hands on any ministry opportunity he could get his hands on. He was learning so much about what God has gifted him to do.

“I can only directly lead a small group of people. I just need to pray for the right people at the right table and prepare them to walk away from the table and go lead their own small group.”

I wrote this as I walked away from a table with David Gardner and some of the young men he was discipling. To most people a young man full of passion for Jesus sharing his heart to a handful of young men would be no be deal. I realized the most important thing we can be doing often will look completely incidental through the world or worldly Christians perspective.

“A church with an with full hearts, open Bibles, and a view of the world is an explosive force!”

As I left Peru and Chile I wrote this as I thought about everything I had just experienced. Nothing is more beautiful than God’s church living out their identity in this world. I loved the services, time with the people, and hearing from the leaders as they shared an uniformed vision for world evangelism.

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