On this day in 1786, William Carey was publicly sent out by his church for the ministry of the Gospel.

It had been just a few years early that William Carey had left the church of England and had joined the ranks of the dissenting baptist.  Taking the advice of a good friend, he immediately joined himself to a church.  Not long afterward, the church began to see the work God was doing in Carey’s life and few doubted that God was going to use his life.  So when Carey stepped forward to go into the ministry, few were surprised.  A short entry in the church records on August 10, 1786 reads:

 This evening our brother William Carey was called to the work of the ministry and sent out by the Church to preach the Gospel wherever God in His providence might call him.

Little did that church realize what they truly met by that little statement.  They were thinking “wherever God in His providence might call him in England.”  But God was saying, “wherever I, in My providence, might call him in the World.”  Carey went on to help form the modern missionary movement in England and would serve as a missionary in India for many years.


William Carey: the shoemaker who became “the father and founder of modern Missions

On this day in 1796, the Duff, a missionary ship, set sail from London for the Pacific islands.  Aboard this ship were thirty-seven missionaries and their families with the London Missionary Society, along with numerous supplies.

After over 200 days at sea, the ship finally reached its first destination, where it distributed the needed missionaries and supplies.  One of its first stops was the island of Tahiti, where Henry Nott, along with eighteen other missionaries, were settled.  These missionaries were the first pioneers to start working on this island.  After much hardship, they were able to establish a strong work here.

After completing its tour, the Duff returned to England, where it was immediately outfitted for the needed supplies for the missionaries it had just scattered across the islands.  These supplies where vital for the survival of the missionaries, since they only had room for necessities with them before.  But on the way back to the islands, the Duff was taken captive by a French ship (France and England were at war at that time).  This unplanned hindrance lead to much hardship for the new missionaries.

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