I want to humbly ask you, “Are your hands on the rope” (article to help explain term)? Just because you are not serving as a missionary does not mean your hands aren’t needed on that rope. Remember, too, just because you are not a missionary does not mean that your hands are on the side of the rope of the senders.

I am a small guy and have always been on the smaller side. In elementary school, if we played tug of the war and there wasn’t much room on the rope, the big guys just might not let me be in- volved. Let me assure you, there is plenty of room on the missions rope for you! Around the world there are thousands of places that need someone to take the rope and “venture to explore it.” On the sending side of the rope there are thousands of opportunities for you to be involved in assisting those dangling in the abyss at the bottom of the rope.

Remember, too,  just because you are not a missionary does not mean that your hands are on the side of the rope of the senders.

William Carey had to pioneer as a missionary; as do our modern-day missionaries. There is often not a road map showing them where they are going. They know they are going to plant churches, which obviously requires preaching the Gospel to all, teaching all who believe to “observe all things,” and training a few leaders to carry on the work. But they often have to expend a great deal of sweat and blood to see those goals through to fulfillment. They are building where there is no foundation.

You need to know that there is going to have to be some pioneer on your end of the rope as well. Maybe you do not have many good role models showing you how to be involved in missions. Maybe your examples have different gifts, a different occupations, and different resources from you. Maybe you’re not sure what it looks like for you to rearrange your life in order to get your hands firmly on the rope. You recognize that you should have an active role in missions and that people on both sides of the rope should shed blood, sweat and tears. I want to give you a few practical principles for you as you pioneer life as a sender over the next few articles.

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