You get what you expect. The truth is that life has given us what we really believed that God was going to do. Joseph believed that God was going to let him lead and rule. No matter what happened, no matter how many times he failed he never forgot his dream. He never forgot but kept pushing forward every step of the way.

No matter where he was or what was happening he kept making the best of his situation. He never allowed setbacks to make him give up. He never allowed mistreatments to cause him to fail.

Joseph didn’t wait on the right time and place to make his move. He made his move everywhere he was. He lead as a slave. He led as a prisoner. He finally led as the second in command in all of Egypt.

Every place where Joseph worked he was in second place. He led from the second spot not the first. He was not the slave owner but the slave. He was not the jailer but the head prisoner. He was not the Pharaoh but the second to Pharaoh.

Could it be that you have been waiting the right timing, the right position, the right whatever to begin using your gifts? Could it be that you can talk a good game about what you will do but have done nothing yet?

Almost certainly, in every place where Joseph excelled there were men of greater ability, greater training, and greater promise. The others apparently were not ready to pay the price. They, like the slothful man, dreamed big, planned big, but never worked to make their dreams a reality. They saw the giants but not the God who was bigger than the giant, their circumstances. They saw obstacles instead of opportunities.

You can bet that they were going to make their move at the right time, right place, but that wasn’t slavery or a prison. They had excuses enough to help them sit and wait.

Now let’s bring this to bear on the job ahead of you. Maybe it is your deputation, learning a language, getting across the cultural divide, or starting a church.

There will never be an ideal time. There will never be ideal circumstances. You will not have enough money. People will not believe in you or even believe you. You will be criticized. You will be mocked. But you can remember what someone has said; “success requires no apologies and failure permits no alibis!”

So work where you are and right now! Do not wait for the right time. Do not wait for God to open big doors for you. Do the job in front of you with all your heart and all your might. Get the preparation. Do the work required. Know that God knows when He will give you that big open spot and make your dream come true.

You never know if you are there. You can only know to do what is right in front of you. If you fail, have a set back, remember another great saying; “every failure brings with it the seed of equivalent success!” Dream and keep on dreaming. Work like it all depends on you but pray and believe as though it all depends on God.

It starts with a burning desire to be and do what God has for you. Dreams are never born from laziness, lack of ambition, a lack of character, a lack of concern. Your dreams will require you to work like no one else. The 40 hour work week will not be yours. The common comforts will not be yours. You will have to work while others play. Your profit will not come on the wings of pleasure.

People that went to Jesus got what they expected. A military officer saw his daughter healed. A woman who knew that if she could but touch the hem of His garment was healed.

Could it be that you are not enjoying all God has for you because you do not believe. Or maybe you say you believe but you don’t work in the uncomfortable situations where you find yourself.

Get on the phone. Make the calls. Get out and meet the people. Learn the language even if they laugh at you. Know that God is going to use you to start and build a church if no one else believes. If you fail then get up and go back at it. Learn from your mistakes. Step up and do what others only dream of doing.

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