We are expecting mastery without apprenticeship, knowledge without study, and riches by credit.

So many young men want to be used of God in the ministry and especially on the mission field yet they are unwilling to pay the price to learn. They want as the quote above says knowledge without study and mastery without apprenticeship.

Most missionaries go to the field having never done anything, really, in the ministry. They are book trained, a little. They have a head knowledge but no practical preparation.

The sad commentary is that if a man stays in the USA to work in a church he will have to gain the needed experience and prove himself. He will not be able to go from college to the top of his field.

The missionary will get a prayer card printed, call churches, and soon be on the field with little or no training except in Bible college. The pastor, the staff member would be climbing the ladder as an apprentice.

He would have to prove himself. He would slowly grow.

My missionary friend, why don’t you get prepared before you leave for the field? How could you possibly think that you will be the missionary that will rich a country when you haven’t learned to reach across the street?

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