This is the second in the series Am I Prepared for the Mission Field Now! It is my desire to help you. This is not to make you feel bad. It is certainly not to make you quit or not go to the field. It is to make you think about all you need to do to get ready to go to the field.


So I challenge you to consider these questions.


A pastor training session in Burkina Faso with Keith Shumaker.


1.What is your strategy or plan for accomplishing the ministry you feel that God has called you to?

You have now confirmed in your heart and mind that God has called you to the ministry. You know what you are supposed to do. This question is;


-have you developed a strategy?

-Do you have a plan?


-Do you know how you will go about doing the ministry that God has called you to do.


Kevin White’s ministry in Bolivia.


Suppose you are sure that you are going to be a church planter.


-Do you know how to start a church?

-Do you know how to win souls?

-Do you know how to disciple someone to Christian maturity?

-How do you find a building to rent?

-Do you buy or rent?

-How do you get people to come to the first service?

-How do you finance all that you will be doing in the ministry there?

-Where will you get a pastor to take over the ministry?


There is so much more to doing real missionary work than loving God and church. You can learn the language, get the culture, and still fail at the job you were sent to do. Often young missionaries are told to go to field and reproduce a church like their home church. The problem is that they do not even understand how their home church works. They would never know how to get from less than zero to their home church.


It is also possible that their church isn’t quite the model that they should follow.


-Does their church train men?

-Does their church fully support their pastor?

-Has their church planted another church?

-Do the men of the church know how to make decisions?

-Has the church trained strong men that are able to work with their pastor and keep their church doing God’s will?


There is so much going on when you arrive on the field. The job is far bigger than you think. It comes down even to knowing how to preach to the people.


-How do you get lost people to hear the gospel and get saved?

-How do you grow them into mature Christians?

-How do you get them to be self feeders, knowing how to follow God and grow spiritually on their own?


Please take the time to read over this list. Be sure that you have been trained.


-Do you know how to develop the budget for your church?

-Have you ever baptized, done the Lord’s supper?

-Have you counseled young people that are getting married?

-Have you ever married anyone, besides your wife?

-Have you ever been to a deacon’s meeting?

-Have you seen your pastor deal with church discipline or problematic people?


Do not run into the ministry. Stop and get training. Learn that there is more to the ministry than you probably imagine.


Again, get with your pastor, a missionary mentor, someone that can help you learn how to get from A to Z. A love for football and having watched a bunch of games doesn’t make you the coach of a professional team!


Missionary training and orientation for Our Generation and Vision Baptist.


2.Will you be starting a church and leaving it and if so how long do you project that you will need to do that?


What does a missionary do when he gets to the field? Are you going to the field to pastor a church? If you are, isn’t that a job that the national could do? If you want to pastor a church shouldn’t you stay in your home country and allow your people to pay your salary?


The missionary will play the role of a pastor but is not a pastor. The missionary is there to train pastors! If you are going to pastor a church then do not plan to come home on furlough. If you are going to pastor the church then learn to live like the people. Stay there. Move there and become one of them just like your pastor did.


I fear that many do not understand, correctly, the role of a missionary. They just assume it is to be a pastor. That is not what Paul gave us as an example. He established elders and pastors in every city. That means he wasn’t the pastor but set up pastors.


If you go to the field as a missionary it should be to start multiple churches. The goal of your ministry should be to train leaders.


It is amazing because that is what you put on your prayer card, probably. You said something like, evangelize the lost, establish churches, and equip the saints. So go do that. See people get saved, start churches, and then train the believers to do the work themselves.


David Gardner’s ministry in Peru.


So what is the plan?


-Will you go get a church started and then start a church planting movement?

-Will you have churches turned over to nationals?


It is sad to say but many American pastors do not even understand. They think that if you take furlough you are hurting your church on the field. Done right furlough is actually one of the best things you can do for your church! Many pastors can’t understand what happens to the church when the missionary leaves the field. They think that the church must have died. They do not understand that the goal was to start a church and leave it the minute you arrived.


The missionary should be like scaffolding around the new church. He is there while the construction is taking place but will be coming down as soon as possible. No one wants to build a house, a building, and always have scaffolding around their building. So missionary, get in there, do your job, and get out!


-How long should it take to get a church started?

-How long should it take to train a man or men to lead the new church?

-What sort of building is required before you should move on?


These are all questions that you should be learning the answers to.


-Are you prepared to go to the mission field now?

-Should you get more preparation?

-Should you find a knowledgeable missionary with successful overseas experience to help you get prepared?



The Our Generation Training Center is here for that exact reason. We have successful missionaries that are doing this ministry right now ready to teach you. They are ready to share their experiences with you. If you haven’t gone to college you can do so at the training center. If you have finished your basic studies you can come and get further training for the field. Here you will be able to develop friendships that will help you for the rest of your life. You can find a mentor at the Our Generation Training Center.


No, you do not have to leave your home church. You can stay a member at your church, be sent out from your church but just get the additional training you need at the Training Center.


I will be bringing you more material on this subject in the following posts. I would welcome your comments or questions each week. I have a lot of questions to follow that we will be answering. But what is your question? What is your comment?


Remember the purpose of this blog is to help you. We are excited that you feel called to be a missionary. We want to see you be used of God and have great success. Let’s talk!


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read. Let’s work together for your good and His glory. We are here for you!


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