Ben Johnson, Missionary in Training to China

If you take a moment and think, it is easy to see how blessed we are at the abundance of resources we have available to us. Multiple study Bibles, expository dictionaries, Bible map books, various commentaries, concordances, and the list could go on of all the many books that may be on just our book shelves. Now add to that everything that is available on the internet – sermons from preachers both alive and dead, online courses in theology, blog posts, and so much more. We have at our fingertips nearly unlimited access to anything we could use to help us study God’s word.

Try to imagine studying the Bible without those helpful tools. How difficult would that be? No concordance to look up words, no dictionary to define words you have never seen, no commentary to help shed light on a difficult passage. This may be imaginary for you but it is reality for thousands of pastors all around the globe.

When we think of getting materials to national pastors around the world, we usually only think of sending only Bibles, and without a doubt it is incredibly important to get the word of God into the language of the people. However, what many national pastors also need are study materials. They would greatly benefit from books which will help them study the Bible and learn correct doctrine. Though many people have a Bible in their native tongue, they do not have even a concordance which, to us, is the most basic of study tools.

Recently, many pastors and Christians were killed by the government in a communist country. They had heard a well-known televangelist tell them the world was going to end on a specific date. Relieved that their suffering would soon be over, they gathered on a mountain to await the promised coming of Christ, but it was not Christ who came for them but the government. While some escaped, the majority were slaughtered.

What if they had the resources to have known the errors of this televangelist? What if they could have heard and learned correct doctrine to guard themselves? Perhaps their story would have turned out differently.

Study tools are desperately needed to help national pastors and Christians become better equipped to do the work of the ministry and guard themselves against false teaching. Consider what you can do to help Voice in the Villages get these materials in countries around the world.


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