If you are interested in this ministry be sure and read the first part here. Read part two here.

The following is an example agenda for what we do when we meet. We typically meet an 75 minutes before the regular Sunday evening meetings of the church. Our Sundays are a bit different. We start at 9:30 AM for Sunday school. We then have Morning Worship at 10:30 AM. Sunday afternoon we meet at 4:15 PM for a Teacher’s and Workers meeting or our Volunteer’t meeting.Sunday evening service starts at 5 PM. That means that the World Evangelism Cabinet meets at 3 PM making for a very full Sunday.

This is the agenda for one week’s meeting:

  1. Ask for update on anything they have learned or done.
  2. Have prayer together over the world. We lay out a World Map. The Cabinet and Church staff then pray over the world. Each mentions needs and updates from their respective missionaries. This takes several minutes because there are nearly a dozen men involved in this meeting.
  3. Make plans for missions conference
    1. Decoration
    2. A table or display
    3. Food-snack from regions
    4. Tell people about that part of the world
    5. Make sure your display is manned each night
  4. Update each Sunday night. Each Cabinet member will present a missionary or country from the region under their direction.
    1. Under three minutes. They are to keep their presentation under three minutes.
    2. They are to be prepared and ready to get to the pulpit in less than 3 seconds so as not to delay the service
    3. Set up a schedule. They are each assigned a week to present their ministry. We will hear from each of them about once every 6 weeks to 2 months.
  5. Set up meeting by themselves for the missionaries from their group. The goal is for them to get others involved. So if a missionary from their area of the world is in town we ask them to host an event and help our church people get to know them.
  6. Explain the Law of the Lid from John Maxwell books. They can’t let others hinder them from accomplishing all possible with their group.
  7. Get missionaries and yokefellows together by region
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