Over the last few days I have been reminded by the incredible potential to change the world through the ministry of a Christian School! I had the opportunity to travel with the students of the OGTC to Victory Baptist School (Loganville, GA) for 3 days this week. We had a blast! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and look forward to partnering with them in the years to come to build upon this “missions revival” tradition. They are the Warriors and warriors are exactly what they are looking to train at this school.

On Monday we explained the theme “Ready for Either; Service or Sacrifice” and tried to set the stage for what we would be discussing for our 3 days together. On Tuesday, after a skit to show the need around the world, we had breakout sessions. The students and some missionaries in the area did a great job teaching super, practical lessons to the students. On Wednesday we had a Q & A Panel. Students had questions about the will of God, “the call”, and ways to get involved now. For the sake of encouraging discussion and just for fun I showed a couple of the K.T.U.A.M. (Keeping Teenagers Uninformed about Missions) videos.  We ended our time in prayer for North Korea and all the places of the world that “people work harder to keep the Gospel out then we work to get the Gospel in”.

So why am I telling you this? First of all, for all of you involved or associate with a Christian School ministry I would like to encourage you to be intentional in your strategy to keep world missions in front of your students. Secondly, we would love the opportunity to help you with this. It was a great training exercise for our students. I also think we were able to encourage the teachers in the church by reminding them of the great importance in the work they are doing.

We left the student body with the challenge of starting a student-let prayer meeting for the cause of missions. We have already received some feedback from the students about them making it happen. We plan to help give them the resources they need, work with the administration, and even return in the days ahead to join them in this time of prayer.

If you would be interested in allowing us to come for a chapel service please let me know.

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