I’ve just been reading again the early chapters of Genesis and there’s no escaping the fact that God felt pleasure in His creation. God made the light, shook His head and said, “That’s good!” He liked that! Then He made the dry land to appear and put the seas in one place, and said, “That’s good!” Then He made the sun, the stars and moon to rule the night and day, and said, “That’s good!” Then He made man and said, “That’s very good!” (See Genesis 1.)

God was an artist and every time He finished a painting, He shook His head and said, “That’s good!” God loved it; He was pleased with what He was doing. And that’s the kind of God I preach—not a faraway, dehydrated, sour, sulky God, hiding in some imperial palace. I preach a friendly God, who is happy in His work. It is only sin that has brought the curse, the pain and the grief—and He has sent His Son to deal with that sin business, too.

A. W. Tozer and David E. Fessenden, The Attributes of God: Deeper into the Father’s Heart, vol. 2 (Camp Hill, PA: WingSpread, 2001–), 190–191.

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