socialmediamarketingSo, you’ve been thinking about creating a blog for your church but you’re still in the “mix” about the “why.”

You’ve been told a thousand times over that you should by “everybody” but your leadership team needs a bit more “concrete” reasoning other than “Hey, everyone’s doing it and they say it’s awesome!” speech.

Perhaps the chart on the left can help?

What it explains are the fundamental reasons why large enterprise businesses choose to do “Social Media Marketing.”

Also, what their experienced benefits have been after using the media.

In other words, why they choose to engage in a number of social networks and blogs and what the return on investment (ROI) has been.

Just take a look at some of the core reasons.

If you look at the results through the lens of your church needs and desires and goals for web technology, all of them really apply.

You want to engage those online who are in your congregation (and those who aren’t).

You want to have better direction communication with your congregation (and those who aren’t).

You want to be able to have faster feedback from your congregatoin (and perhaps those who aren’t).

You want to know more about your congregation and their needs (and perhaps those who aren’t).

You want it to be a low cost / high-impact initiative (Trust me, it is.).

You want to better build online equity and your ministry brand.

You want cheap, easy, simple “market research” for your church.

You want to leverage the existing network online and build “credibility” in the space.

You want to reach more people. Period.


Right? Pass this on and give it to the “doubters.” They’ll thank you later.

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