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Getting it done!

I would like give you some steps towards getting your deputation done, money raised, and arriving on the field. These same steps work as you start a church or learn the language.

First, you must believe that God is at work in your life. If you do not believe that God is working in you, has called you, directed you, or whatever word selection you use to describe why you are doing what you are doing.

Hebrews 11:6 makes it clear that to please God we must believe that He is really there, that He is not only there but really does reward them that seek Him.

We know that the unbelief of man, our doubt, has hindered the work that God wanted to do. Matthew 13:58 makes it clear that Jesus didn’t do many mighty works among the people because they didn’t believe Him.

Believing means knowing that God is going to do something definite. It is not the same thing as desire or wanting. It is not I want to learn the language or I want to start a church. It is not I want to raise the needed support to get to the field. It is knowing and planning to do the work in a certain amount of time and believing that God is going to do it!

The first step is to believe. It is to believe definitely, precisely, exactly what God is going to do through you or allow you to do.

Once you have determined by faith to conquer this giant in your path then you will take step number two.

Second you must determine the price you are willing to pay to make happen what you believe God wants to happen in you and your ministry. Will you work the hours? Faith is not about believing that God will do something and then sitting there until He does.

The farmer well knows that God will give Him a crop but the farmer must get up early, plow in the cold, plant at the right time, prepare all the tools that he needs, prevent the weeds from choking out his crop, pick the crop, place the crop in the barn or silo. Faith isn’t a way to escape work but rather working knowing that God is blessing your effort.

Are you willing to study the language? Are you willing to work when others are playing? Are you willing to make phone calls, travel through the night, present your ministry time after time waiting on God to do a work in your life and ministry?

Believing God is not something for nothing. It is not God working a miracle while I muse on His greatness. Believing God is going to work while others play.

Third, decide now when you will have it done. Put up a play clock. The farmer knows from the calendar when he must get the work done. He knows that if the ground isn’t prepared by a certain date then it will not work, there will be no harvest. The farmer can’t mess around all year and hope for a good harvest.

You must look at the calendar and decide when you will accomplish whatever it is that God has called you to do. When will you have completed your deputation? When will you have learned the language? When will you preach your first message? When will you have the first services?

Believing means moving towards the goal. Believing means knowing that it will happen and it will happen by this date.

Fourth, prepare your plan. You now know what you are going to see God do. You know that you are willing to pay the price to make it happen. You know when it will be done. Now you make the plan.

I will prepare the ground and have it ready to plant by this date. I will have all the seed and fertilizer prepared by this date. I will plant on this date. That is the first step. The weather may affect this plan a little but your laziness will not interfere. You may have to get up very early every day and work very late to beat the weather but you will do it.

If you make all the right preparations, planting, etc then it will be time to wait on God. No amount of praying can make up for plowing. You pray as you plow rather than praying instead of plowing.

Sit down now and make up the plan of how you will get it done. This plan will need to be detailed. I will get the equipment ready by this date. I will begin plowing on this date. I will build time in the schedule for weather, broken equipment or whatever but I will be finished by this date.

Fifth. Write out your plan and don’t be ashamed or embarrassed to tell others what you are going to do. If you believe it then say so. Back yourself into a corner where you will be embarrassed if you do not.

Your responsibility is the process and not the product but then we really do not have to worry about if God is going to get it done. God is at work. The problem isn’t on His end of things. The problem is that you aren’t sure He is going to do something and everyone around you soon picks up on that.

They will not and do not believe you either. They know you are whipped. They know you have a dream but nothing is really going to happen. They can see you talking but not working.

If you really believe it will be so real to you that everyone will catch on. If you believe it will be so real to you that you believe it and act like it is true.

You can’t walk on water if you don’t believe God is going to do something.

Deputation is causing people to believe that you really are the man of God that they should support. It is them seeing in you something that makes them know God is going to use you. We call it, seeing God’s hand on you, feeling your burden, the power of God, etc.

It is not something that is magically going to happen. It is you getting alone with God until you know and believe yourself. It is your working and living every day knowing that it is going to happen.

Last thing for this thought is to remember that the slothful man wants the same thing you do. He desires but never has. He dreams big dreams but everyone soon figures out that he is only a dreamer, a talker. He doesn’t have the hand of God on Him. He doesn’t communicate passion and burden because he doesn’t really believe it himself.

There are bridges and boats to get him back home if this doesn’t work. He always has a back up plan though he doesn’t say so. When he gets fearful he will turn and run. He will only hang on long enough to feel good about the effort he put forth. His hand is on the plow but his mind is on playing. He wants to enjoy the benefits without paying the price.

Don’t be this slothful man. Believe God. Step out and see Him do something great in your life. If you will believe Him there is nothing that He will not do with you. The only limits on you and your ministry are the ones that you put there.

Do you want God to do something in your life? Do you really want God to do it?