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August 31st in World Evangelism History

On this day in 1819, Moung Ing, a poor Burmese fisherman, visited the zayat of Adoniram Judson at Rangoon for the first time.

As Moung Ingcontinually spent time with the missionaries, the truths of God’s word began to shine into his heart.  In less than two years after his first visit to the missionaries, he was baptized and became a faithful member in the growing church.  When Judson was imprisoned at the dreaded death prison, it was Moung Ing who faithfully stayed by the side of Mrs. Ann Judson, and served as an invaluable help to her during this trying time.

In 1827, after years of studying and working with Judson, Moung Ing was ordained into the ministry.  Moung Ing would go on to work in Rangoon, Amherst, and would be the first to bring the gospel to the Tavoyans people.  George Boardman wrote of Moung Ing:

In Moung Ing I found a friend and a brother. While expressions of love and praise to the Redeemer flowed from this convert’s tongue, the Burman language seemed much more musical than ever. It gave me a pleasure which I cannot describe, to hear him relate his conversion, and his present feelings and hopes. He has a firm conviction that ere long the gospel will spread over this whole country. Relying on the divine power, and faithfulness, and grace, he says, we need not fear nor be discouraged. Christ has power, he added, and I daily pray in secret and in public, that he will exert that power, and bring the nations of the earth to the knowledge of himself.

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