Monthly Archives: May 2011

Good example of godly living!

1. Don’t blame God when troubles come your way!

2. Keep doing right and do not do your own will!

3. Don’t let a woman deceive you

4. Show respect and listen well to those that work for you!

5. Help those that are less fortunate than you, the poor, widows, orphans, and those that are suffering

6. Never trust in gold or riches.

7. Don’t get excited because you have lot’s of money or are earning a lot.

8. Never worship another god or fall into superstition.

9. Don’t rejoice when bad things happen to those that have done you wrong nor curse them.

10. Take strangers in instead of leaving them in the street

11. Don’t let crowds intimidate you so that you will not do right

12. Don’t take advantage of others and get money by harming others.

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