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Update on Missionaries in Crisis


David and Beth X. live and serve in Egypt. You should know by now that life is very turbulent there. The US embassy has advised all Americans to leave the country. There is rioting, fighting, gun fire, and looting taking place right in front of our missionary’s home.

After much prayer and not really wanting to do so these great servants of God will be evacuated by the US embassy. From there they will purchase a one way ticket back to the States.

They will wait for things to calm down in Egypt. It may take a few weeks or even longer. They want to continue in Egypt and in their ministry. They want to get the language as soon as possible but we all know that God is in control.

While they are in the states you know that our missionary friend will want to share what God is doing in Egypt and see God raise up more missionaries. Please be in prayer for them. If you would like to get in touch with David and do not have his contact info then leave a comment below with your info and I will get your info to him.

South Africa
Michael Lovett update

Michael Lovett is a missionary in South Africa that I have given updates on several times. He was very seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Both of his arms are in pain and basically useless. Everything has to be done for him.

He is unable to sit up very much but is making every effort to walk around the house a couple of times a day. He gets very discouraged and depressed because he is normally very active.

He had gone nearly 6 weeks without a haircut because of the accident. This is very unusual for him. His sons finally gave him a haircut today. He had also not shaved since the accident and so his wife and daughter finally shaved him. I understand that was quite funny since they didn’t know what they were doing. He was covered in band aides from their help. Remember he can’t use his hands and arms at all. Normal every day things are a great trial for him right now.

On top of this the insurance company is trying to not pay for things that they had approved. All of this is trying for Mrs. Libby.

The person who was also in the wreck is suing Brother Lovett so they have nuisance of them constantly hassling them.

Times are hard for the Lovetts right now. Would you please pray for them. Would you consider giving them a phone call or sending them an email. Mrs Libby’s cell number is 27-727-33-6935. Don’t forget the time difference of 7 hours ahead of eastern time zone.

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