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Check out Chris Waye’s blog

A few days ago Chris Waye published some wonderful things that he had learned from a pastor in the nursing home.

Don’t sell yourself to draw a crowd

There are two kinds of churches: Christ centered or entertainment centered

People will always find a better show than yours, just preach the Bible

Things are different these days, people just don’t have a love for the Lord like they used to

Surround yourself with people who love the Lord

Don’t worry about the money, God will take care of you

In 1947, they needed a church building and $10,000 to build it. One by one, men stood up in that meeting and raised it on the spot. Surround yourself with these kind of men that will invest their lives

The church does not need more paid staff, it needs the people to be involved in every aspect of the ministry

“I went to church to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and to enter the throne of glory, not to be entertained”

I think this is worthy to be considered. I also think you would enjoy following God’s work in Chris’ life. Click here to go to his blog.

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