Monthly Archives: November 2008

My P.A. – Facebook

Many times when I am with fellow youth pastors I am asked why I use Facebook. I think it is a legitimate question considering all the negative uses we have seen of social networking in the news. It is great for keeping up with kids, promoting events, and many other things.. but here is one more reason why I use Facebook.

It allows me to be in conversations that I would not normally be involved in.

The relationships are students are in have a great influence on their lives. It is great to know when they enter and exit a relationship. When I see a relationship started if it is one of girls dating a guy I do not know I try to meet him and I have my wife talk with the girl. My wife covers things such as; need of approval by parents and that God is the only one who satisfy your need to be accepted.

So as I seat in my office studying today. My assistant Facebook sent me a update on one of my teens. It is sort of an electronic personal assistant.

Below is a “conversation via comment” by one of the young ladies in our youth ministry and her new boyfriend. Last names erased to help protect their identity.