Genesis 43:4 If thou wilt send our brother with us, we will go down and buy thee food:

They had lost Joseph their brother. Their dad had never gotten over grieving him. Now they were ready to go back to Egypt to get more food. Should their dad trust them. Should he let them take their little brother back with them. 

They promised to allow their own children to die if they didn’t take better care of Benjamin than they had of Joseph. They just wanted another chance.

That is my story. I have messed up so many times. My sin is ever before me. I think of the times I have failed. I could have been a better dad. I could have been a better husband. I have often failed as a pastor. I have taken my frustrations out on others. I have been angry. My pride has shown way too much.

They just want another chance. Trust us one more time and we will do better.

When I think of how I want another chance it helps me as I think of men that I train and disciple. Everybody needs another chance.

Let’s trust again. Don’t let failure and mess up’s ruin your attitude towards others. Never let bitterness fill your heart or your days of helping others are over.

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