I literally do not know what to say. Yesterday was a tremendously wonderful day. I saw so many people who worked so hard. I want to thank all of Vision. I want to thank all of our missionaries. Vision supports a lot of missionaries and currently has 23 families that are members of the church.

Trent Cornwell and his crew did a wonderful job getting all the leg work done. I want to thank all of them.

Robert Canfield does literally hundreds of things behind the scenes that he never gets thanked for.

The deacons and deacons in training also worked so hard. There were several things that I thought were just especially tremendous.

Andria Gardner made our cake. Like always it was super special. She is good at what she does and has and knows the heart of Vision. Check out this cake. It tells our story in so many ways.



Another picture that meant so much to me was as we dedicated our first memory stone. The stone was to remember that we are a text driven Bible preaching church. Trent Cornwell called his son, Thatcher, forward and spoke to him as he dedicated this stone to remind us of this great privilege. It was beautiful to see a dad explain to his son why he loved Bible preaching and Vision.



I personally enjoyed very much seeing our men break ground yesterday. It was obviously only a symbol but what a privilege that we have waited for these 10 years.


Here you have the deacons and pastors as we break ground. The deacons and Jimmy look so good in their hard hats.12823426_10209177113684384_5125514211070291555_o

These are our deacons. They are some of the finest men that I have ever known. They are nothing like what you might hear bad about deacons. They love Jesus, our church, and me. They motivate and inspire me. I love working with them. John Pearson, Bret Johnson, Jeff Mize, Ty Pepperdine, and Chuck Littlefield.12525159_10209177109524280_2612249425894718982_o

Here all the pastors are working with the deacons. Robert Canfield, Jimmy Soncco, and Trent Cornwell are all great men of God. I love working with them. They did all the work to make things happen yesterday.

We also took time to honor John Pearson who made so much possible for us be getting to this point. The staff and deacons wanted to honor John and Sandy with a commemorative shovel to remember how God used them to get us to this point! Vision started in their basement, they have worked so hard to get everything done to have us ready to break ground and to get into our building this year, Lord willing!


These people stood to tell something from each of our ten years. They were a tremendous blessing. I can take no credit for these ideas. Trent was the mastermind behind it all.


It was wonderful to hear how God brought different people to Vision. Some came in difficult periods in their lives but the Word of God and the fellowship of His people made them feel welcome at Vision.

There is so much more to say about what happened yesterday. I will not bore you with all the details but I am so grateful. I got to see God work in all of your lives. We give God all the glory for what He did yesterday. He blessed in great ways.

I want to thank all of you that have given so much, prayed, served, loved, and been faithful. God has grown His church and we are blessed. Thank you to the ladies. Thank you to the pastor’s and deacon’s wives for all they do.10644313_10209177141085069_593886573735818691_o

Joy Soncco, Betty Gardner, Kelly Canfield, and Stephanie Cofield are a tremendous blessing. They make so many things happen everyday! Thank you ladies. You are the greatest.12885847_10209177141285074_2375899023481722277_o

Our deacon’s wives are just like them, great servants, love the Lord Jesus, love Vision, and love our family. Thank you to DeAnna Mize, Sandy Pearson, Rebecca Pepperdine, Yvonne Johnson, and Leisa Littlefield. I am honored to serve with you all!

For those of you around the world that love Vision maybe this is a small pick into what God did yesterday. Andrew Pearson and his team have put the whole morning service up where you can watch it and enjoy it with us if you would like. Just click here!

I am sure that I have made lots of mistakes in this article so feel free to remind me and I will correct them. God bless you one and all!



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